The reboring x. X “Stoygiannis O.E., using specialized high-tech machinery and know-how of many years, performs with precision and responsibility the following tasks:

Crank reboring, reboring cylinder, reboring camshaft, reboring valve seats, alignment bearing base, alignment bearing rods, piston alignment, Planiarisma engine, Planiarisma Head, Embolochitwnia, Pistons complete, Liners, base bearings and mounting, bearings rods and fitting, rods rings and machining, camshaft rings installation and machining, inlet valves, exhaust valves, valve guides and mounting, bearings Komfler and mounting, Komfler springs, valve seats, reset socket bearing base, cracking head and crank control, reboring of all types of machines, positioning of guides, measurement of altitudes pistons, installation of guides to aluminium head, Valve Chair Construction, camshaft alignment, roller alignment, valve chair grinding, head surface grinding, trunk surface grinding.